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It is a training that enables the optimization of cerebral activity, without effort or adverse effects. It is a comprehensive approach, from which positive changes can be observed in numerous domains (anxiety, sleep, compulsions, self-confidence, overall well-being…). NeurOptimal® represents an advanced technology designed mathematically to directly communicate with the central nervous system. It employs an original and exclusive algorithm. NeurOptimal® is not a medical treatment; rather, it is a form of TRAINING that furnishes the cerebral system with the requisite information for self-reorganization.

NeurOptimal® facilitates the realization of one’s utmost capacities. Numerous individuals who have experienced the method report heightened calmness, enhanced organization, and increased happiness.

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Neurofeedback addresses various physical, cognitive, and emotional disorders.

Neurofeedback enhances attention and concentration faculties, memory, intellectual quotient, as well as creativity, intuition, decision-making, sports performance, and above all, self-confidence and the ability to rebound in the face of difficulties.

It alleviates:

  • Physiological disorders
    Insomnia, migraines, chronic pain and fatigue, tinnitus, hot flashes, dizziness, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, Lyme disease.
  • Mood disorders
    Depressive state, negative thoughts, lack of self-confidence, hyperemotionality.
  • Anxiety disorders
    Fears, anxiety, phobias, stress, panic attacks.
  • Behavioral disorders
    Aggression, anger, verbal and/or physical violence, hyperactivity, impulsivity, addictions, burnout
  • Cognitive disorders
    Impaired memory, lack of concentration, attention disorders, ADHD, disorganized thinking.
  • Learning disorders
    Dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysphasia, dysorthography.
  • Disabilities related to brain injuries
    Stroke, traumatic brain injuries.
  • Post-traumatic stress states
    Diminishment of flashbacks, associated somatic disorders.
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What is the course of a session like?

You find yourself comfortably settled in a chair, indulging in the strains of music for a span of thirty-three minutes.

Five sensors delicately placed upon your cranium and ears empower the system to gauge and dissect cerebral activity. With every discernible undulation, a faint pause in the auditory backdrop transpires. The central nervous system (CNS), being apprised of such variance, construes this “aural divergence” as a salient message, prompting it to recalibrate and restore to its zenith of functionality.

No exertion nor focused contemplation is requisitioned; relaxation (even slumber) or the pursuit of literary material are admissible as the software and the CNS undertake their concealed collaboration.

How does it work?

The cerebral training of NeurOptimal® operates akin to a system of “detection and monitoring” of cerebral electrical activity. When the software detects an abrupt shift, it dispenses feedback. This feedback, realized through a minuscule sonic intermission, is construed by the brain as relevant information, inciting it to recalibrate. These fleeting sonic pauses facilitate the optimization of cortical activity.

The intrinsic capacity of the brain to self-regulate, termed cerebral dynamism, is what allows for self-restoration.

NeurOptimal® functions akin to a mirror. Envision a scenario where you haven’t glimpsed your reflection in a mirror for an extended duration. Once before your reflection, you naturally begin to rectify your posture and rearrange your appearance…

The very same principle applies to your central nervous system. NeurOptimal® offers feedback in the form of information that assists the brain in enhanced self-regulation.

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