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Florence HAZAN

oday, as a mother of four children, I have chosen to continue living my passion, which is to listen to and advise others. After spending over 25 years in the fashion and image consulting industry in France and abroad, alongside raising my children, I developed an interest in various “Personal Development” techniques during these years. However, it is Dynamic Neurofeedback and its numerous benefits, especially for children, that I have committed to. It is a discipline that not only combines my passion for well-being and connecting with others but also my understanding of children.


A session lasts just under an hour and is divided into two parts:

In the first part, we exchange thoughts regarding the changes you have noticed since the previous session. This exchange is important and is part of the process, allowing me to guide individuals on this evolutionary path. Then, there is the actual dynamic neurofeedback session, which lasts for 33 minutes.

You are comfortably seated in a chair, and I place sensors (electrodes) on your head and ears so that the software can analyze the electrical activity of your brain. Gentle and soothing music is played, and you have nothing else to do but relax.

Dynamic neurofeedback acts on the spontaneous mode of the brain, in a non-conscious manner.

The detected electrical activity sometimes exhibits what we call “turbulence,” which is a sudden change in brain activity, indicating poorly regulated functioning. The system then precisely triggers a sound interruption at that moment. The brain receives the right information to reorganize itself. It regulates itself gently at its own pace.


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